Hello everyone. We are very excited to release the Big Sur Road Trip Audio Guide. We hope you’ll join us on our absolute favorite travel experience – driving the region of the California coast known as “Big Sur.” Here’s a bit about us and why we created the guide, now available on CD or digital download.

Our story

We’re Kate and Jonathan, a married couple living in the Los Angeles area. Over the years we’ve taken the road trip along Highway 1 (also known as the “Pacific Coast Highway” or “PCH”) through Big Sur many times… and kept coming back for more adventures. There is something very special about this 85-mile stretch of the California coast, where the rugged mountains and redwood forests meet the Pacific Ocean. We found it to be one of the most stunning places we’ve ever been, and created the audio guide to share our appreciation of Big Sur – and essential information about the drive – with fellow road trippers.

Along the way, we met travelers from all over the world who came to experience a classic American road trip through California, the West Coast, or even the whole of the United States. In doing so, we realized that for many, the Big Sur road trip was a “bucket list” experience, and a trip where the drive itself was the destination. We wondered, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was an audio guide to complement and enhance this experience, one that you could play in your car as you drove along the coast, to help you enjoy the journey while learning about where to go and what to do?” So that’s what we set out to create!

We started doing research from expert travel guides and continued to visit the area to learn all about the must-do sights and activities, along with the region’s colorful history, culture and people. Kate, a professional voice-over artist, became the narrator, accompanied by an acoustic soundtrack from the fantastic Josh Woodward to put yourself in a California state of mind.

About the guide

In the Big Sur Road Trip Audio Guide, you’ll get 21 unique tracks that cover the top things to do and see on your drive between San Simeon and Monterey. You’ll also get an illustrated map to follow along, with useful information such as highway mile markers and restroom stops.

We’ve designed the guide so you can play tracks in order if you’re starting from the south (San Simeon area, near Hearst Castle) or the north (Monterey Bay area). Once you’re ready to start your road trip and have your CD – or your audio tracks downloaded – you’ll begin to play Track 1 and follow instructions based on your starting point. You’ll play each track before arriving at your next stop and then pause the audio while you explore. Here’s a preview track about one of our favorite stops, Sand Dollar Beach (mile marker MON 13.8).

Join us!

We think Big Sur is a magical place and the road trip along Highway 1 is a must-do experience. While we have no doubt you’ll take plenty of amazing photos, don’t forget to stop and immerse yourself in the nature surrounding you on all sides, breathe in the fresh, clean air, and take your time. Life can be pretty rushed these days, but in Big Sur, you’ll probably find that time seems to slow down.

Sadly, the last 12 months have been challenging for the Big Sur community, disrupting life for locals, businesses and travelers. There was the Soberanes Fire in Garrapata State Park and a historically rainy winter that caused landslides and a major bridge collapse. We hope you’ll take time on your road trip to meet and exchange stories with the terrific people who live and work in Big Sur. In the coming weeks and months we’ll share tips and articles from Big Sur experts on what you can see and do, and how to get around while Big Sur rebounds and rebuilds. In a place like Big Sur, the most important thing is to balance the joy of being in an incredible setting with the responsibility of taking proper care of the nature, wildlife and people around us (think “leave no trace” principles when camping and hiking).

Thanks for reading about the Big Sur Road Trip Audio Guide; we look forward to hearing about your travels and hope you’ll consider us as your companion for your trip!

Kate and Jonathan