Here’s some good news if you’re planning a California road trip!

Most of the destinations in the Big Sur region are open for business after a historically stormy winter caused everything from mudslides, rockslides and landslides, to the collapse of Pfieffer Canyon Bridge. Resilient Big Sur residents were isolated from the rest of California and even cellular phone service was down at times. While the damage is being repaired and some parts of Highway 1 aren’t yet passable, there still are ways to visit almost all of the must-see sights featured in the Big Sur Road Trip Audio Guide.

Because it can be tricky to navigate around the construction, we wanted to share a couple of the resources we rely on to figure out what’s open and how to get there. Check one of these sites before you hit the road.

  • See Monterey’s Big Sur page – maintained by the Monterey County (home of Big Sur) Convention & Visitors Bureau, with lots of helpful information including road closures, travel tips, park conditions and more.
  • Big Sur Highway Conditions and Big Sur Blog, both maintained by the Big Sur Chamber of Commerce. The highway conditions page describes the current road closures and how to navigate around them. The blog is a chronological list of Big Sur-related breaking news and local announcements and events.

Don’t forget, road trippers: While you’re still able to experience Big Sur’s breathtaking beauty, the Nacimiento-Fergusson Road detour is a challenging drive that is best done during daylight hours… so be extra cautious as you explore this part of Big Sur. If you’re planning to use Nacimiento-Fergusson Road, make sure to check this page from Monterey County for any specific traffic advisories.

If you’re planning a California road trip, Big Sur is totally worth it. Let us know if you’re on your way out here – we want to hear who you are, where you’re from, and what you’re planning to see and do.

Kate and Jonathan