Big Sur is a special destination for life’s big milestones: Weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries, even the relatively recent phenomenon of babymoons! It was wonderful to hear from Chris and Jacy from King City – a short drive from Big Sur – about their recent honeymoon in a cabin disconnected from technology, what Big Sur means to their family, and how to travel in a sustainable way in this beautiful, natural setting. (And don’t forget to watch their stunning video recap below! Featuring Ed Sheeran!)

First off, congratulations on getting married! Tell us, where are you from, and what inspired you to take a Big Sur road trip?

We are from a small town not far from the coast called King City. Our inspiration to go to our honeymoon destination was because the cabin where we stayed in Big Sur/Pacific Valley is a huge part of our family. A place that is very special and has been in the family a long time. After a lot of stressful days before the wedding we figured that would be the best option, to get away from the hustle and bustle and relax and enjoy each other. The cabin has no electricity and there is no cell phone service. It was amazing!

When you took time to explore away from the cabin, what was your favorite stop along the road or most memorable moment… and why?

It’s so hard to choose our favorite stop because everything was so wonderful and beautiful. From Sand Dollar Beach every day collecting all the treasures from the ocean, hiking Limekiln to see the waterfall, Nepenthe for birthday Bloody Mary’s… but we would have to say the best part for us was dinner at Lucia. Everything about it was perfect. Our meal was one of the best meals we’ve had, we ate about three loaves of bread, and we sat in a candlelit corner watching the sunset over the calming ocean. The road was still closed so there were only a few people there, very intimate. It was really magical!

What recommendations or tips do you have for fellow Big Sur road trippers?

As far as recommendations go, first we would say just take your time and enjoy every little moment. Big Sur is one of the most beautiful places in the world and there is no need to rush your time. Enjoy the little things. If you can, try to stop at as many places as you can because there are many treasures along the winding road. Head to Gorda and go to the mini mart where the gas station is and get some coffee from Tom. He makes the best coffee in Big Sur. Take in the fresh air and the views!

What advice would you give road trippers to connect with nature and the local environment of Big Sur?

Think of it this way: If you had a huge garden in your backyard you would work hard to keep it alive, clean and in good condition. That should go the same for Big Sur. It’s just a magical place and we wouldn’t want any damage to something that many people cherish and love! Open your heart to everything there, the locals are friendly, the food is great, enjoy your time, and we hope that you all will find a love for Big Sur like what we found when we lived there for eight days. It’s really something special and something we will always hold close to our hearts!

Thanks for sharing your experience, Chris and Jacy! We look forward to seeing you on the road again!

Travel tip: is a terrific resource to learn all about sustainable and responsible travel throughout Big Sur and Monterey County.