To us and millions of travel enthusiasts across the globe, the 85-mile drive along world-famous Highway 1 is one of the most beautiful in the world and the iconic California road trip. There’s nothing better than driving along Highway 1 and soaking in the Californian vibe – the calm, the quiet, the ocean breezes and sun gazing down over the Pacific Ocean. 

We’re two Californians who never miss a chance to take this amazing road trip, and we’ve created the Big Sur Road Trip audio guide to elevate this drive of a lifetime to new heights!

Just drive, relax and listen to our narrated guide with tips on where to go and what to see, and stories that bring to life the legendary Big Sur region. In our one-of-a-kind guide, we’ve gathered all the best research and information on Big Sur to help you make the most of your road trip experience.



What’s inside?

  • 21 unique tracks (CD or downloadable MP3 for mobile devices)
  • Northern and southern routes between Cambria and Monterey
  • Classic California soundtrack
  • Food, gas & restrooms
  • Must-see stops
  • Photo ops
  • Plus, fold-out map & itinerary!



Get the guide on CD or downloadable MP3 for your mobile device

How does it work?

Once you’re ready to start your road trip and have your CD in hand – or your audio tracks downloaded – open your map insert and begin to play Track 1. Play each track before arriving at your next stop and follow along with the map to experience the jaw-dropping wonder of the California coast.

Does the guide start from the north or south?

Both! Play tracks 1-21 if you’re starting in the south (Cambria); play tracks 1 and 2, and then 22-40 if you’re starting in the north (Monterey Bay).

Is the guide timed?

No! Everyone experiences their road trip at a different pace and traffic varies, depending on the day, so all you have to do is play each track before you arrive at each stop and then pause the audio. Play the next track when you’re on your way to the next stop.

Where can I find this awesome soundtrack?

Check out the singer/songwriter’s website at www.joshwoodward.com.

How will I know if I need to pay an entrance fee or where to find restrooms along the way?

In addition to the information you’re hearing in the audio guide, you can find restroom, entrance fee, food, gas, hiking, tour, and beach info on our handy PDF (if you purchase the download) or fold-out map (if you purchase the CD).

I’m having trouble with my purchase from the online store, help!

For any issues regarding purchases, please email us at contact@bigsurroadtrip.com and we’ll fix the problem as soon as possible. We highly suggest purchasing and downloading the guide BEFORE you start your drive as cell and internet reception can be tricky in the Big Sur region.

Where can I find out the latest information on Highway 1 conditions?

Here are a couple of the resources we rely on to figure out what’s open and how to get there. Check one of these sites before you hit the road.

  • See Monterey’s Big Sur Travel Updates – maintained by the Monterey County (home of Big Sur) Convention & Visitors Bureau, with lots of helpful information including road closures, travel tips, park conditions and more.
  • Big Sur Highway Conditions and Big Sur Blog, both maintained by the Big Sur Chamber of Commerce. The highway conditions page describes the current road closures and how to navigate around them. The blog is a chronological list of Big Sur-related breaking news and local announcements and events.

If you have questions or ideas, we’ve love to hear from you. Email us at contact@bigsurroadtrip.com.

Sights on the Big Sur Road Trip

One of two places in California where a waterfall cascades into the ocean

A 165-room castle built by one of America’s most influential publishing tycoons

An historic library nestled in a grove of redwoods

The only two places in the world where the famous Monterey Cypress trees grow in the wild

A haunted lighthouse built in the 1800s

One of the most photographed bridges in the world

Meet me and my friends all along Highway 1 in Big Sur